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Tips for Selecting Healthy Nursery Trees

Written by Matthew Daniel

The roles played by street trees in urban green infrastructure systems are vast and diverse. Trees and urban forests in general, provide important environmental, social, aesthetic, and monetary benefits to those that inhabit our cities.


This Ebook discusses the following topics:


1. Tree Conditions

     - Bare Root

     - Container Grown

     - Potted

     - Balled and Burlapped

2. Important Indicators of Tree Health

    - One Central Leader

    - Check the Trunk

    - Minimum of Dead or Broken Branches

    - Evidence of Yearly Growth

    - No Bare Patches

    - Proper Leaf Color, Shape and Size

    - No Wilting

    - Signs of Insects or Diseases


3. Tips for Purchasing Mature Trees 

"In the summer, shadier streets also means lower neighborhood temperatures which reduces air pollution harmful to humans."

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